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What Does EOE Buying and Selling Do?
East of England Online’s Buying and Selling website provides a totally free to use advertising platform for private individuals, responsible breeders and rescue centers to list their adverts on. Potential buyers, including adopters of pets can use the website to make initial contact with the advertisers.

Q. Do you Check The Adverts Placed on Your Site?
A | Yes, we manually approve all adverts that are placed on East of England Online’s website. However we do not visit any of the advertisers homes, or do any checks on the classified advertisers, therefore, it is the buyers responsibility to make any necessary checks on the advertisers before buying items, or adopting a pet. We also rely on our website users to report any suspicious advertisers.

Q. How do I place an advert?
A | There are three simple ways to place an advert 
Use the online ad placement system – Firstly you will need to register for East of England Buying and Selling, this will allow you to place ads, manage your ads, set up email alerts and administer your personal profile. Once you have placed your advert and completed payment (if featured), you will immediately be sent a confirmation email, (containing a copy of your invoice if payment has been made). Your advert will go live once it has been checked and authorised by the East of England Online team.

Q. How do I get my ad ‘featured’?
A | When placing your ad choose the ‘featured ad option’. It will cost £5 to have a featured ad for 60 days.

Q. I’ve paid for my advert, so why has it not gone live immediately?
A | Adverts must be checked and authorised by East of England Buying and Selling before they go live. This ensures your advert looks it’s best and means that we are able to filter out any inappropriate items, thereby ensuring that we maintain the high standards for which East of England Buying and Selling is known.

Q. Can all users view my advert?
A | Yes. East of England Buying and Selling does not impose any charges for viewing adverts at any time.

Q. How do I make changes to my advert or mark my advert as sold?
A | You can login to your user area and remove the advert when sold.

Q. Can I swap / add photos to my advert?
A | You can replace a picture at any time free of charge, all you need to do is email the replacement picture along with your telephone number that appears on your advert for reference, to info@eastofenglandonline.com. You are welcome to add extra photos to your advert,  you can do this by upgrading your advert and uploading your additional images here http://www.eastofenglandonline.com/buy-and-sell-featured-advertising, and paying online via paypal (where you can use a credit or debit card if you do not have a paypal account), your advert will then be upgraded within 48 hours.

Q. How long will my advert remain online?
A | Adverts will be displayed online FREE for 30 days. Featured adverts will be displayed for 60 days.

Q. How do I find items for sale?
A | You will see a drop down menu on the left hand side of your screen title of your current category for sale.  If you click on the arrow on the right of each title (ie Dogs for sale) the drop down menu will appear and you will be able to select a category. From here please select from the navigation that appears at the top and bottom of the page to view all adverts in that section.

Q. How do I know how long an advert has been online?
A | All new adverts go in at the top of the page and gradually work there way down as they get older.

Do you prevent puppy farmers or dodgy breeders abusing your site?
Yes, we do our best to prevent puppy farmers from trying to use our website. We manually approve all adverts that are placed on East of England Online’s website. And although we can’t visit any of the advertisers homes, or do any checks on the classified advertisers, we do keep an eye on the number of adverts each pet advertiser places. We are very aware of the issues of puppy farming and cruelty and since each advert is individually approved prior to going live (this enables us to vet advertisements), in order to filter out unscrupulous breeders and dealers and fraudulent advertising. However, just because a breeder has a valid council license to breed dogs, does not mean we will automatically allow them to use our service. If we believe a breeder is a large commercial breeder and not looking after their dogs, we will prevent them from using our website. Our classifieds area has been setup for pet owners, responsible hobby breeders and rescue centers to use, we therefore do our best to stop irresponsible people from abusing our free service. However please be aware that for all our vetting, we cannot guarantee that all breeders or buyers are 100% safe. Regardless of what we do, or any other organisation does, no one should think that because ads have been approved and vetted as much as we can do, that all breeders or buyers have put the intention of puppy first. It is vital you carry out your own checks and look at the advice on our the buyers guide. And if you have any concerns about how a puppy is sold or the welfare of any animal advertised on East of England Online Buying and selling, please contact us at info@eastofenglandonline.com.

DOGS TRUST – http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/az/b/batteryfarmeddogs/default.aspx
PUPPY WATCH – http://www.puppywatch.org.uk/

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