Turn your unwanted items into cash!

Always add a photo – adverts with photos consistently get a better response. You can add one photo completely FREE. Or up to three photos, which is currently HALF PRICE at just £5.

Description – there’s no limit on the number of words you can use on EOE’s Buy and Sell. Explain the features and benefits, the colour, the size, the condition, whatever else you think might be useful. Don’t be tempted to leave out essential information to make the advert cheaper. By putting more information into the advert you are more likely to sell the item at the first attempt.

Search – most visitors find adverts using a keyword search. Therefore, think about what words people might use to search for your item and make sure they are included in your description.

Title – The title of your advert is vital, and will improve your visibility in the listings on Buy and Sell, it will also increase your chances of your advert being prominently placed on Google and other search engines.

Price – Most buyers have a budget and many are put off if a price is not given, or PAO (price on application) are used.
To decide on a price, check out other similar items being advertised in your area on the internet.
Remember to include the area of the country that you are based at the end of the advert and list a landline telephone number as well as a mobile if you can. An email address can also be a useful means of contact, (although if used online you may end up receiving scam emails).

Copyright responsibilities for advertisers – Please note all professional photographs require written permission from the photographer before they can be used on East Of England Online. Please ensure that you have permission to use any photograph submitted with your advert, East Of England Online cannot be held responsible for any copyright fees.