East of England Online Buy and Sell Does NOT Handle Payment

East of England Online does not handle any payments for transactions on the site and therefore cannot guarantee any payments made. If you receive a message asking you to make a payment via East of England Online or claiming that East of England Online will protect your payment it will be fake. Please report it to us immediately at: info@eastofenglandonline.com.


Unless you are paid in cash, always wait for payment to clear before handing over goods. Remember, in some situations (particularly overseas payments) a payment could still be withdrawn by the bank after it has cleared. Talk to your bank for more information on this.
If you are being paid cash, study the notes for signs of counterfeit by feeling the paper, studying the printing, checking the watermark and the metallic thread. More information on checking for counterfeit money is at the Bank of England web site.

If you are sending an item through the post, always obtain proof of posting and ensure the parcel is adequately insured against loss up to the full value of the item. The Post Office provides a “Certificate of Posting” for free, giving compensation for low value items.
If you are receiving money through PayPal, ensure you meet the requirements of their seller protection scheme. This includes retaining proof of delivery that can be tracked online.

If you are receiving money through PayPal or other online payment service, don’t rely on an email confirmation that you have received funds as this may have been faked. Always log into your account to confirm this by typing the address directly into your browser (don’t follow links in the email). Also note that PayPal does NOT hold funds pending delivery of an item.


If you make a payment before receiving an item, you risk losing that money if the item never arrives or is not as described.
If you have to make payment before receiving the item, consider paying via PayPal who will often provide compensation should you not receive the item or if it is significantly not as described.

If you make a payment to someone by crediting their bank account via Internet banking or BACS, that payment cannot later be reversed.
It pays to have an HPI check when purchasing a second hand vehicle. This check will help you determine whether a car has been clocked, stolen or is a repaired insurance write off.

PayPal Offers both Buyer and Seller Protection

PayPal’s Buyer Protection scheme

How to make a claim

You should begin by filing a dispute within the PayPal Resolution Centre.

PayPal will facilitate communication between you and the seller. If you’re still not happy with the result, you can escalate the dispute into a claim.

After reviewing a claim, PayPal will decide on reimbursement and refund 100% of your payment (including postage costs) if they decide in your favour. It is not necessary for the seller to have funds in their PayPal account.


PayPal Seller Protection protects you in case you do not receive your item or if the item is not as described in the listing.

Eligibility requirements include:

Buyers must raise a dispute within 45 days of a single PayPal payment for the full price of the item. If no satisfactory response is received from the seller, a claim must be filed within 20 days of raising the dispute

The programme is designed to protect tangible goods that are shipped to the address used in the transaction. It doesn’t include prohibited items, vehicles, digitally-delivered goods or services, custom made items, travel tickets and some other items. See the PayPal User Agreement for a fill list.

When making a payment, ensure you choose “I’m paying for goods and services” as personal payments are not eligible for Buyer Protection.

See PayPal Terms and Conditions for full eligibility requirements.

How to Make a Payment

To make a payment to a seller on East of England Online Buy and Sell:

Log in directly to your PayPal account

Send Money to the seller’s email address.

Ensure you choose I’m paying for goods or services to qualify for Buyer Protection.
If don’t have a PayPal account, sign up for free.